5 Sermons To Help You Prepare For The Purpose God Has For Your Life

Often times we find ourselves trying to understand what we’re supposed to do with our lives. However, part of stepping into the purpose that God has for our lives is understanding that there is a process, which includes the testing of our faith, and sometimes trials. We rounded up 5 sermons to help you trust the process as you’re stepping into your God given purpose.

1.Surviving Self Sabotage 

We lose sight of our purpose chasing after someone else’s passions.

Reading:1 Samuel 10

2. Haters Are Apart Of God’s Process

Every season of life is ordered by God, even the struggles that we might find ourselves going through are a part of God’s process.

Reading: Acts 14

3. You’ll Go Through It Until You Get It 

Too often we get so consumed by our struggle that we can’t see the purpose behind our struggle.

Reading: Matthew 14

4. Before You Move You Must Be Made 

Before there can be promotion there must be process.

Reading: Joshua 3

5. Things Are Getting Back To Normal 

God has a plan for your recovery after the storm

Reading: Mark 5

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