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Online Community Consulting  & Community Experience Design for Purpose-Driven Organizations


Need their message heard


Want to Connect


Demand the right tools

You’ve built an awesome business with an amazing purpose.  Let’s make sure the people you serve feel the same way about it.

If you’re committed to providing an outstanding experience to every community member, you’re in the right place. ROHO’s specialty is in using technology and online tools to bring people together in a genuine and impactful way.

ROHO’s work can help you…

▹ Offer a community experience that’s unique to you

▹ Boost community engagement and user satisfaction

▹ Scale your membership and profits

▹ Streamline onboarding and service delivery

▹ Reduce dropoffs, cancellations, and complaints

▹ Improve content consumption and course completion

The key to designing a thriving community experience is to clearly define your community’s role in the lives of your members AND for your organization.


Improving an impact organization's odds of success for large scale change programs ​
How can impact organizations overcome the odds and achieve long-term success through wide transformation?


Enabling Your People To Accelerate And succeed​ through any challenge or obstacle
The Wisdom of Change: How successful leaders think about change


Technology and digital trends are transforming your environment, uncover where the real value exists
The Wisdom of Change: How successful leaders think about change


Building Communities of real value requires consistency and a commitment to giving before receiving
ROHO built the largest community of Black Christians worldwide, see how we did it!

Delivering innovation with a global impact

A team of dreamers, inventors & engineers who think different. We design, build & grow purpose-driven organizations.We build digital experiences to delight and inspire the world of tomorrow.
We can help you create the perfect experience for members. This includes selecting, designing, implementing and optimizing the platform, creating superuser programs, designing gamification systems, developing onboarding and automation programs, and setting high standards for engaging members with empathy, understanding, and appreciation.
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