Take the Limits Off of God | Andre Gilford

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From Amazing Grace the ROHO Devotional Series

Read: Genesis 8:13-19

Watch: Stay Off The Boat by Pastor Cory Benson

It is so easy to get used to doing the same ol’ same ol’. We get in the habit of our daily routine and often forget what it is like to try something new or different. The monotony of life becomes our norm and we become complacent in it. Any disruption to it can cause us to lose our mind.

4_20 Take the Limits Off GodIn the passage, Noah and his family had been in the boat for 40 days and 40 nights. I can imagine that they had grown accustomed to the life on the boat. Yet, God was ready to do a new thing and instructed them to come off the boat and experience the fruit of a new earth, which God created. However, they had to come out of what they grew to know.

We cannot truly feel the presence of God in the comfort of our little bubble, nor can we be blessed in the manner God wants to bless us with our limits on God. Living a life that is ordained and anointed by God requires a bit of living outside of the box. In order to fully experience God’s blessings, we must let go of our own limits and understanding to tap into God’s radical and extraordinary way of thinking. Isaiah 55:8 says, “For your ways are not my ways, neither are my thoughts, your thoughts, declares the Lord.” God is so much bigger than our limits. Take the limits and see the wonders of our God.

Andre Gilford
Take the Limits Off of God

Andre Gilford Jr is a seminarian, high school teacher, and writer from Detroit committed to the gospel of love and justice for all.
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