Step Up To More | Andre Gilford

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From Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional Series

Read: Luke 19:1-5

Watch: The Courage To Climb by Min. Elijah McDavid

Complacency might as well be considered a sin. Complacency comes from having a sense of comfort. When we become too comfortable with our current state, it hard for us to imagine or even receive something different, which in some cases, might be better. Complacency indicates a need to stay right where we are. It is that inner force stopping us from reaching out to those who may be able to help us. It is the force that keeps us from asking God for assistance. Complacency is so dangerous that, paired with arrogance, can lead ultimately to our own fall.

02092017 Step Up to More Photo1In the text, Zacchaeus is witnessed to be climbing a tree in order to get a good look at Jesus. By any stretch of the imagination, Zacchaeus is one of the people whom we consider, often, to be the worst type of people. However, Jesus saw Zacchaeus for his heart and not by what he could give him. Zacchaeus demonstrated to Jesus a major thirst for righteousness that later on in the text, Zacchaeus wants to give up all that he owns in order make things right in the site of Jesus Christ.

As a Christian, one who is seeking to know God and emulate God’s ways, we must be ever-consumed with expectation from God for more. Yet, that expectation must be demonstrated in your life as a living sacrifice. In order to truly be saved from the iniquities that seek to destroy it, we must humble ourselves before God and expect that God will take care of us. When in the dark night of the soul, we can look to God for guidance, in order to fully experience divine and complete peace.

Andre Gilford
Step Up To More

Andre Gilford Jr is a seminarian, high school teacher, and writer from Detroit committed to the gospel of love and justice for all.
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