The Courage To Climb | Min. Elijah McDavid

Sermons Jan 22, 2017

God is calling you to a new level of living above all of your drama and chaos Luke 19 Read more

A Hidden Treasure of Christianity | Dr. George Parks

Sermons Jan 20, 2017

Life’s greatest joys can be found in the moments when we serve a cause... Read more

A Call For Compassion | Bridget Kelso Anthony

Sermons Jan 19, 2017

We have to have compassion on those who are the most vulnerable among us... Read more

Conflict Resolution | Dr. Lance Watson

Sermons Jan 18, 2017

Get the Christian advice for how to work through your disagreements Song of Solomon... Read more

Membership Has Its Privileges | Bishop Noel Jones

Sermons Jan 17, 2017

God will deliver you from a place of depression to a place of joy... Read more
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