I’m In Charge, Not You | Bishop Rudolph McKissick

Sermons Dec 10, 2016

How you handle your emotions can determine the level of your success or your failure John 13 Read more

Reading The Christmas Story Backwards | Dr. Claybon Lea

Sermons Dec 8, 2016

You have to read the story of Jesus’ birth through the lens of Jesus’... Read more

When The Enemy Strikes Back | Dr. Lisa Weah

Sermons Dec 6, 2016

The enemy knows if he wants to make a comeback he has to attack... Read more

Hang In There | Dr. Charles Goodman

Sermons Dec 5, 2016

Sometimes the only way you can pay the bill of discipleship is through the... Read more

I Won’t Quit | Dr. Alyn Waller

Sermons Dec 2, 2016

God has a promise for the people who refuse to give up John 19 Read more
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