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Flip My House | Dr. George Parks
Luke 4... Read more
Overcoming The Silence of Heaven | Dr. E. Dewey Smith
What do you do when you’re praying but you feel like God is silent? Psalm 22... Read more
I'm Not Arguing With You Tonight | Dr. Jamal Bryant
Learn how to surround yourself with people who will push you towards your purpose Genesis 3... Read more
The Spiritual Work Out | Bishop Donald Hilliard
You need to work on your spirit so you can maintain your commitment to Christ Jude & 1 Timothy 4... Read more
A Godly Response To A Bad Report | Dr. Jasmin Sculark
Nehemiah 1... Read more
If You Weren't Born With It – Fight For It | Dr. Jamal Bryant & Bishop John Bryant
2 Kings 2... Read more
Marriage Designed by God | Rev. Taft Heatley
Genesis 1... Read more
Miracles and Ministry | Dr. Cory Jones
Everyday you wake up you should remember that you are a walking talking miracle Acts 3... Read more
For Unto Us A Child Is Born | Dr. Calvin Butts
The Christmas story is a message for those who are hurting the most Isaiah 9... Read more
From Bad To Worse | Dr. Michael Wesley
Exodus 5... Read more
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