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It Has To Cost Me Something | Dr. Charles Goodman
2 Samuel 24... Read more
Grace From The IRS | Dr. Marcus Cosby
How long does it take to become really good at being really bad? Luke 19... Read more
Surprise I Survived | Rev. Dominique Robinson
We have been served lemons, but by God’s grace we have been able to make lemonade Genesis 37:18, Genesis 45:3... Read more
I Am A Giver | Dr. Cynthia Hale
Luke 6... Read more
Big to Us, Small to Him | Hope R. Carter the problems we face – that doctor’s report, that unwanted divorce, that boss or coworker who picks on us, that bill that’s way more money than we have in... Read more
Don't Let It Bring You Down| Hope R. Carter
...3, a paralyzed man asks Peter for money, but Peter heals the man in the Name of Jesus, instead. You see, Peter did not want the man to sit there... Read more

Terms of Service (MLM) schemes, get rich quick schemes, gambling, cash gifting, work from home businesses, or any other dubious money-making ventures; or Violates any law. All videos you submit must also... Read more
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