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Dancing With The Stars | Min. Elijah McDavid
Mission Incomplete | Dr. Jamal Bryant
John 10... Read more
Marriage Designed by God | Rev. Taft Heatley
Genesis 1... Read more
I Have A Question | Rev. Neichelle Guidry
John 11... Read more
When Hurting Sisters Deal With Sick Brothers | Rev. Frederick D. Haynes III
Don't Trip | Bishop Noel Jones
If you just relax you’ll realize your blessing is on the way Matthew 11... Read more
Making Sense Out Of Nonsense | Dr. Marcus Cosby
Luke 7... Read more
Write for ROHO

Write for ROHO

...with rejection. We also welcome vloggers to create content about Dating, being single, and How to Handle Work and Family Issues. Finally if you write Devotionals and Daily Affirmations we... Read more
I Didn't Sign Up For This!
...Cross. Can you imagine how you would have felt, having just given up your livelihood and left your family to follow this man who is now leaving you? What would... Read more
Take the Limits Off of God | Andre Gilford
...becomes our norm and we become complacent in it. Any disruption to it can cause us to lose our mind. In the passage, Noah and his family had been in... Read more
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