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You Don't Have To Be A Star To Shine | Pastor John Faison
Matthew 26... Read more
The Greatest Love of All | Pastor Reginald Sharpe
...Learning to love yourself is the key to changing your whole life Psalm 139... Read more
Who Do You Think You Are? | Pastor Dharius Daniels
You have to know who you are in the midst of a world that doesn’t recognize your divinity Proverbs 23... Read more
What To Do When They Take Their Country Back | Rev. Willie Francois
Don’t let anyone make you think that your differences are deficiencies Exodus 1... Read more
He Knows Where I Am | Dr. Sean McMillan
God will never place you anywhere where he can’t find you and deliver you Genesis 2... Read more
Mourning and Morning In America | Dr. Otis Moss
We must be willing to work to transform America into what it needs to be Galatians 6... Read more
Go Get It! | Dr. Sedgwick Easley
Numbers 13... Read more
Standing Up To Bow Down | Rev. Daryl Bloodsaw
We’re all sinners, but that doesn’t mean we have to live according to anyone’s low expectations Nehemiah 8... Read more
You Are Not Forgotten | Rev. Shaun Lee
Isaiah 49... Read more
I Am The Dawn | Dr. Sean McMillan
Exodus 3... Read more
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