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A Hidden Treasure of Christianity | Dr. George Parks
Life’s greatest joys can be found in the moments when we serve a cause greater than our own needs John 13... Read more
Blurred Lines | Dr. Lisa Weah
God isn’t trying to punish you, He’s preparing you through His process Daniel 1... Read more
A Kingdom Contradiction | Bishop Rudolph McKissick
Learn how to avoid the trap of selfishness and become a team player John 13... Read more
The Gospel of The Unusual | Pastor John Faison
Exodus 3... Read more
Aligning Your Heart With Your Destiny | Bishop John Borders
Psalm 112... Read more
Decision Without Deliberation | Bishop Dale Bronner
Joshua 9... Read more
Wisdom From The Wiz | Rev. Kevin Ross
Put On The Whole Armor of God | Dr. Calvin Butts
You were made to rise above the temptations of the empire Ephesians 6... Read more
The Beginnings of Your Finish | Bishop Brandon Porter
Hebrews 12... Read more
How To Handle Haters | Dr. D. Darrell Griffin
Nehemiah 4... Read more
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