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The Kindness Factor | Dr. Charley Hames
God will give you an assignment to wait even while you feel desperate to move. Trust his plans. 2 Kings 4... Read more
Focusing on the Family | Bishop Donald Hilliard
You can’t be free with a slave mentality Isaiah 61... Read more
Put On Your Clothes | Bishop Donald Hilliard
You have to get everything you need to be prepared for your fight against the devil Ephesians 6... Read more
Saved by Hope | Dr. Gina Stewart
Sufferr Romans 8... Read more
It's Not Over Yet | Pastor John Gray
John 11... Read more
Nothing To Lose | Bishop Noel Jones
2 Kings 7... Read more
Digging New Wells | Bishop Vashti McKenzie
Genesis 26... Read more
It Has To Cost Me Something | Dr. Charles Goodman
2 Samuel 24... Read more
Surprise I Survived | Rev. Dominique Robinson
We have been served lemons, but by God’s grace we have been able to make lemonade Genesis 37:18, Genesis 45:3... Read more
I Am A Giver | Dr. Cynthia Hale
Luke 6... Read more
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