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Pass It On | Pastor John Faison
You need to catch an attitude of gratitude 1 Timothy 1... Read more
I Want My Religion Back | Rev. Julian DeShazier
Philippians 4... Read more
I Am A Lover | Dr. Cynthia Hale
1 Peter... Read more
A Hidden Treasure of Christianity | Dr. George Parks
Life’s greatest joys can be found in the moments when we serve a cause greater than our own needs John 13... Read more
The Way You Make Me Feel | Dr. Lance Watson
How do you pursue a potential partner? Song of Solomon 2... Read more
Where Are The Nine? | Min. Elijah McDavid
We are called to show compassionate concern Luke 17:11-19... Read more
Know Justice, Know Peace | Dr. Eboni Turman
Amos 5... Read more
Since You Have It, Share It | Bishop Noel Jones
Too many of us have people in our lives who take and never give 1 John 1... Read more
Worshipping While Wounded | Rev. Reginald Sharpe
Job 1... Read more
Measuring The Church | Dr. Claybon Lea
How do we measure the church’s impact in your life and in the community? Ephesians 4... Read more
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