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Use What You Have | Dr. D. Darrell Griffin
When things seem impossible, don’t forget that God still has resources 2 Kings 4... Read more
A Savior Who Overcomes The World | Rev. Jesse Williams
John 16... Read more
The Answer Is You | Dr. Michael Beckwith
Full Steam Ahead | Rev. Dominique Robinson
You have to find the courage to continue to move forward and meet your enemy face to face 1 Samuel 17... Read more
Just When You Thought You Didn't Have Enough | Min. Elijah McDavid
John 6... Read more
When We Get Confused | Dr. Susan Smith
We have to wrestle with the difficult questions Genesis 28... Read more
Here We Go Again | Rev. Taft Heatley
You can’t do the same thing the same way twice and expect different results Exodus 17... Read more
A Blessed Attitude | Bishop T.D. Jakes
Matthew 5... Read more
A Crisis Intervention Plan | Dr. George Parks
You have to be ready to meet the crises you will face when you partner with God in fulfilling your purpose Matthew 17... Read more
Sometimes I Cry | Dr. Sedgwick Easley
You’ll be stronger after your tears 1 Samuel 30... Read more
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