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Avoiding The Crashes of Life | Dr. E. Dewey Smith
...Whenever you’re walking towards your purpose there is hope and help from heaven Proverbs 3... Read more
I Am A Worshipper | Dr. Cynthia Hale
Why settle for less when you can have so much more? Matthew 3... Read more
Surprised by Grace | Dr. Jerry Carter
Genesis 38... Read more
Measuring The Church | Dr. Claybon Lea
How do we measure the church’s impact in your life and in the community? Ephesians 4... Read more
The Wait Is Over | Dr. Jasmin Sculark
Acts 1... Read more
A Battle Hymn For Tomorrow | Dr. Eboni Marshall Turman
When you think all hope is lost you need a song in your spirit to remind you of tomorrow 2 Chronicles 20... Read more
Unwrapping The Gift | Bishop Brandon Porter
Sometimes the greatest opportunity is already in our possession Matthew 5... Read more
The Courage To Climb | Min. Elijah McDavid
God is calling you to a new level of living above all of your drama and chaos Luke 19... Read more
I Need A Few Days Off | Dr. Jamal Bryant
Everybody needs and deserves time to recupperate from their labor John 10... Read more
I Got Something God Needs | Dr. Charles Goodman
Mark 15... Read more
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