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Stoned But Not Stopped | Dr. Delman Coates
You might be hated, attacked, and abandoned, but you can always keep going Acts 14... Read more
What Was Jesus All About? | Dr. Delman Coates
Luke 4... Read more
Put It In His Hands | Dr. Charles Goodman
Luke 9... Read more
For All Intents and Purposes | Rev. Lisa Jenkins
You’ve got to know the power of the resurrection if you want the power of victory Philippians 3... Read more
When Worship Is Worth It | Pastors Remus & Mia Wright
John 12, Mark 14... Read more
I've Got The Hook Up | Dr. Charles Goodman
Giving to God is about setting proper priorities in our life Philippians 4... Read more
Something To Live For | Dr. George Parks
Philippians 1... Read more
I'm More Blessed When I Give | Dr. Stacy Spencer
Generosity beats selfishness any day. Learn how to bless your life by blessing others 2 Corinthians 8... Read more
A Radical Sacrifice | Dr. E. Dewey Smith
John 12... Read more
Giving God Our Best | Dr. D. Darrell Griffin
Why give God something good when you can give God something great? Mark 12... Read more
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