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A Magnetic Ministry | Dr. Jerry Carter
The grace of God will draw you in Luke 15... Read more
I Didn't Tell You Everything | Dr. Sean McMillan
Behind the shadows of your mistake God is working out a miracle Luke 22... Read more
My Achan Heart | Pastor Dharius Daniels
There are some levels of freedom you can only reach by following God’s word Joshua 7... Read more
A Sophisti-Ratchet Response to the Enemy | Rev. Aisha Taylor
When you know Jesus he will sophisticate your ratchet Luke 22... Read more
Don't Believe The Hype | Dr. Lisa Weah
When you know who you are in God you don’t have to advertise yourself because you know that humility will take you further than ability Acts 8... Read more
Spirits Gone Wild | Bishop Joseph Walker
Beware of the spirits that distract you and alter your path 1 Samuel 15... Read more
If You Weren't Born With It – Fight For It | Dr. Jamal Bryant & Bishop John Bryant
2 Kings 2... Read more
Material For My Testimony | Dr. Alyn Waller
Daniel 3... Read more
Your Gift Looks Good On You | Dr. Michael Wesley
Everyone has some unique gifts 1 Corinthians 12:1-7... Read more
The Portrait of a Servant | Dr. Claybon Lea
If you’re willing to meet the requirements God is willing to give the reward Philippians 2... Read more
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