Dangerously In Love | Andre Gilford

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From Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional Series

Read: Judges 16: 1 – 20

Watch: Loving You Is Killing Me by Dr. Otis Moss III

In 2003, Beyonce, a leading R&B singer released the hit, Dangerously in Love. In the song, she discusses the beauty of being in love and how her soulmate is her entire world. Love can be so beautiful and full of refreshment in a world full of so much hate and cruelty. Loving someone can bring light to darkness and awaken the sleep. Knowing that your special someone is by your side is a feeling that most of the world seeks. There is something addictive and longing in love.

Yet, as Beyonce connotes, Love can be dangerous. When we love those, who are not worthy of our love; when we love those that are harmful to us; when we love those, who do not share our love, we set ourselves up for hurt, disappointment and a betrayal of vulnerability. Love opens the darkest secret places of one’s soul. Therefore, allowing someone whom is not right for you into those dark spaces can undo any strong person.

2142017 Dangerously in Love Photo1We see this being the case in the story of Samson. Here is Samson, a strong, anointed and God-driven young man who is undone by a woman whom he loved and allowed to himself to become vulnerable with, yet was betrayed due to her own ulterior motives.

God wants us to experience the beauty and refreshment of love. God wants us to feel connected to someone here on earth whom we can partner and explore this vastly beautiful world together. Yet, God doesn’t seek for God’s children to be hinder by the hurt and pain of loving people whom are not good for us. The vulnerability that comes with loving someone is best with someone whom understands your worth and value, treating you as such.

Andre Gilford
Dangerously In Love

Andre Gilford Jr is a seminarian, high school teacher, and writer from Detroit committed to the gospel of love and justice for all.
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