The Miracle of Black Joy | Rev. Rashad Moore

Get reconnected with the joy and happiness God intended you to have John 2

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When God Takes You Out Of The Tomb | Dr. Susan Smith

God will lift you up out of the worst possible situations and circumstances John 20

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Keep It Simple Saints | Dr. Delman Coates

If God took a break, it’s probably a good idea for you to get rest too Mark 6

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Favor In A Foreign Land | Rev. Taft Heatley

You can experience God’s favor even in the most unexpected places Daniel 1

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I Am More Than A Conqueror | Pastor Dharius Daniels

Adversity is inevitable but don’t let it prevent you from stepping into the fullness of God’s blessings Romans 8

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Don’t React | Rev. Phyllis Hilliard

You have all that you need to make a change and alter the course of your destiny Acts 13

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I Can’t Get No Satisfaction | Dr. Jamal Bryant

A real encounter with God will show you what you really need and what you can live without John 4

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Fearfully & Wonderfully Made | Pastor Kenneth Davis

You are a unique creation, gifted and purposed to showcase God’s beauty Psalm 139

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I Am Still Here | Bishop Talbert Swan

Don’t tie the meaning and value of your life to the opinions and attitudes that other people have about you 1 Samuel 30

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Who Is The Giant? | Pastor John Faison

How do you see yourself in comparison to your problems? 1 Samuel 17

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