One night while watching a sermon online, a liquor commercial appeared in the middle of the video. Liquor commercials & Sermons, that didn't go together. We were offended and insulted because we knew sermons and the word of God were special and we wanted to build a website that treated sermons differently.

Roho was started because of our desire to build a website for great religious content. We had no idea that so many people were searching inspiration like us. Since November 2015, over 1 Million sermons have been watched and people are being inspired and encouraged.

Eugertha M.
"I always like to hear good sermons especially of this quality. I am being blessed by listening, plus it helps me in my spiritual growth. Keep up the good work."
Priscilla S.
"I am going through a particularly difficult time in my life at present, and need a word and direction from The Lord. I was immediately excited about Roho when my cousin told me about it. I immediately signed up. God is Good!"
Ramon M.
"I'm looking forward to what's ahead and thanking God that He lead me to your site."
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