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Music Mondays “Purpose Driven Life” | Melinda Watts
...God has already created a divine destiny for your life, you just have to walk in your purpose... Read more
Receiving The Love of God | Rev. Taft Heatley
...You may not be able to see and understand everything God is doing, but know that His plan has a greater purpose John 1... Read more
A Crisis Intervention Plan | Dr. George Parks
...You have to be ready to meet the crises you will face when you partner with God in fulfilling your purpose Matthew 17... Read more
Fight For Your Destiny | Rev. Taft Heatley
...You have to fight to claim the purpose God has placed on your life Exodus 17... Read more
Advice From An Avocado | Dr. Jamal Bryant
...Sometimes when you take a stand for your purpose you’ll lose the support of those around you Galatians 5... Read more
Jesus, The Fulfilled Word of God | Bishop Brandon Porter
...Your purpose ought to be wrapped up in your understanding of who Jesus is Matthew 1... Read more
I'm Not Arguing With You Tonight | Dr. Jamal Bryant
...Learn how to surround yourself with people who will push you towards your purpose Genesis 3... Read more
Patience Is A Virtue | Dr. Charley Hames
...Don’t miss out on your purpose because you’re not willing to be patient with God’s process 1 Samuel 13... Read more
Don't Shout Over The Wrong Stuff | Dr. Robert Scott
...Don’t get so caught up over material success that you lose sight of your God given purpose Luke 10... Read more
The Collateral Damage of An Unproductive Life | Dr. Theron Jackson
...Hold on to your place and your purpose Luke 13... Read more
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