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ROHO Prayer: A Prayer for Our Nation
Father God, in Jesus’ Name, Your Word says that all authority comes from You. Even when things look like they are out of control, or when we don’t... Read more
The Path of Prayer | Dr. Raphael Warnock
...Your prayer life is the key to fixing your whole life – get back on track today. Luke 5... Read more
What's Wrong With My Prayer? | Bishop Noel Jones
...Get the keys to getting your prayer life back on track so you can hear exactly what you need to hear from God Acts 13... Read more
The Principles of Powerful Prayer | Dr. Howard-John Wesley
Acts 16... Read more
It's In Your Prayer Life | Bishop John Guns
Exodus 17... Read more
ROHO Prayer: When You Feel Like Giving Up…
Father God, in Jesus’ Name, I know my times are in Your Hands. Just like Jeremiah, Esther, David, and Jesus, I know You’ve called me for such a... Read more
ROHO Prayers: A Prayer for Anxiety
Father God, in Jesus’s Name, Thank you for all that You are doing and all that You will do in my life. You are an awesome, all-powerful God,... Read more
You Will Go Through It Until You Get It | Bishop Rudolph McKissick
...You need an uniteruppted and unrivaled prayer life if you want effective growth in God Matthew 14... Read more
Music Mondays “I Surrender” | Hillsong
...All you have to do to get you breakthrough is to cry out to God in prayer and surrender... Read more
The Power of Your Words | Rev. Julian DeShazier
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